What is Martlive?
Online video shopping assistant on your web-site
Try me now for FREE and watch your online store revive
Why an online shopping assistant really works for your website?
A live conversation equals a visit to your physical outlet or office in terms of efficiency, only much cheaper!

A widget attracts attention

A visitor sees that you’re not a chatbot

The dialogue box with an assistant is activated by default

Why spend time reading through the website if you have a live assistant to give you a clue

Converse with all your clients at once or directly to one another
Our widget will show you the list of all your visitors in real-time and an exact page they are currently browsing.
You can connect with any particular visitor or organize an online video session for all of them
3 reasons to try it now
A product attracting attention to your web-site

Now your customers will be able to ask a question directly to your online video assistant and get an answer instantly

Martlive inscreses conversion

Live conversation leads to more trust. Increase website conversion from inquiries to sales closed

Can be built-in as a plug-in to your web-site in seconds

Add only one string of code to your web-site and all the rest will be done by Martlive automatically

Main reason – 14 days free trial
Free trial
Free for 14 days
Try it now
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Will we see a client?

Privacy is paramount. You can not hear or see your visitors, but they can ask you a question through the built-in chat.

What should I do if my phone rings or I want to leave?

You can press the “STOP” button and the stream will instantly stop as soon as you are ready to continue, press the “START” button, and you are back on the air.

I have a bad haircut and I look bad, will MartLIVE suit me?

The main task of the widget — personal communication with the visitor, look at our consultant — He failed a beauty contest in 2017, but you don't care about his appearance, you need his expertise.